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The ToyHouse offers brand new, high quality, award winning construction toys that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.  The ToyHouse, founded in 2000, has provided over 1000 construction sets to families across the country. 

Just In:
Anniversary box of the Basilica of St. Michael in Hildesheim.
Anchor develops new product line known as "Tour" that presents interesting buildings in the form of building sets. The first in this series is with the production of St. Michaels to commemorate the 1000 anniversary of the Basilica. Designed by Robert Lindner, the 74 stone set includes a 20 page booklet with a brief history of the Basilica and construction plan. Limited to an edition of 1000, each set is numbered and signed. Offered at $135

For additional information or to discuss an order, please email me at

Jon Stolz

Richter Anchor Stone Building Blocks and Puzzles      For more than 120 years, Anchor Stone Building Blocks have inspired generations of adults and youngsters. The multicolored blocks are
manufactured in Germany from purely natural materials- chalk, quartz sand, and linseed oil. Their unique stone feel, finish, and highly accurate manufacture make them a joy to hold in the hand and allow the construction of large buildings purely by the blocks' mass and friction. The system of basic and extension boxes provides unlimited possibilities. This unique product was honored with the Parents' Choice Gold Award in 1998 and the National Parents Gold Award in 1999. They are based on the original Froebel educational blocks.

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