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With the founding of The ToyHouse in 2000, Chris Baldwin had established what has become the premier source of Anchor building sets. In the last decade, Chris has supplied Anchor enthusiasts with literally thousands of building sets and accessories. His enthusiastic commitment to provide quality toys, and excellent service has made The ToyHouse the unquestioned resource for all things Anchor.
On top of the news of Chris's passing last March, I learned that The ToyHouse was to cease with it's inventory. With much soul searching, I offered to take-on the stewardship of the business. The Baldwin family has graciously accepted, and have allowed me the opportunity to continue The ToyHouse operation.
It will be my personal commitment to all past, and future friends of The ToyHouse to continue providing the service, and quality products that have become the standard. With an eye to the future, plans include updating the look and functionality of the web-site, expanding the range of Anchor products, as well as the sourcing of Anchor accessories. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me at: . I look forward to serving you.
Jon Stolz